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Behind each great achievement lies a dream. When this dream comes with persistence, patience and practice the outcome can only be success. And this is how the story of Evans Company came into existence.


In the late 1970s, he started his big achievement, when he designed the first Greek pipe, which became famous with the advertisement “A Pipe … But What a Pipe!” This was the base of everything that has followed up until today.


In 1949, Ioannis Dritsas set up his small business in the city center of Athens-Greece by producing high quality smoking accessories that changed the way millions of people enjoyed their favorite smoking habit with less hazardous effects.

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Evans: Greek innovation and tradition in smoking article products since 1949.


After almost 3 decades of systematically evolving and introducing the Greek Evans products into the market, the second generation with Sotirios Dritsas manages not only to expand the company within but also beyond the Greek borders. With significant investments in research and production, our favorite up until today, mini disposable filter products are created, that will become popular worldwide in just a few years!

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The tradition built by Ioannis Dritsas continues up to this day by his family. His vision for the existence of truly quality Greek products that will help smokers enjoy smoking with fewer harmful consequences for themselves and those around them is being fulfilled daily.

Evans Tar.get mini disposable filters are manufactured in Greece with certified and safe materials and are exported to all 5 continents with hundreds of thousands of people being able today to enjoy smoking with significantly less harmful health effects. Discover them too!


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