FAQ for EVANS products

  • What is EVANS mini reusable filter?

    It is high quality mini reusable filter for cigarettes and RYO which allows an easy flow of the smoke and retains up to 76% of the tar, nicotine and other hazardous substances a cigarette contains. It is unique on its kind because there is no altering of the taste of the cigarette.

  • How is EVANS mini reusable filter used?

    1. Place EVANS mini reusable filter onto the cigarette or RYO.
    2. Smoke it until the colored area is completely black and replace with a new filter.
    3. You can use one filter for 3 to 5 cigarettes.

  • Where and how is it made?

    EVANS mini reusable filters are made in Athens, Greece and they are manufactured by Dritsas company since 1949. All EVANS products are European with certified raw materials and they are continuously tested for their effectiveness so as the smokers can enjoy the same flavor with less hazardous substances.

  • What are the advantages of using EVANS mini filters?

    1. They retain up to 76% of tar, nicotine and other hazardous substances that the cigarette may contain WITHOUT altering the taste of a cigarette.
    2. They limit the yellowish color on the fingers caused by nicotine and tar because they don’t come in direct contact with the cigarette when the filter is used.
    3. The fact that our filters are transparent allows for the smoker to see immediate results.
    4. There have been cases that people have witnessed a decrease in the morning cough of the smoker after using EVANS mini filters.

  • How many sizes do EVANS mini reusable filters have?

    There are three sizes of EVANS mini reusable filters that fit both cigarettes and RYO.Regular size EVANS mini reusable filters (8mm)
    Slim size EVANS mini reusable filters (6mm)
    Super Slim size EVANS mini reusable filters (5.7mm)

  • Where can I find EVANS mini reusable filters?

    Right now, EVANS mini reusable filters are available globally. We export in all five continents and constantly gain trust from our customers worldwide. Contact us for your nearest selling point.